Analysts again this year, predicting the Russia-Belarus gas dispute

Neither the Ministry of Energy, or the "Beltransgaz" did not explain the position of the Belarusian side in the negotiations. Press Secretary "Beltransgaz" Vladimir Chekov said:
"The position of the head of the delegation determine. They know what to say. I did not report a day or agenda. Discusses the issues of cooperation for the next year. Without details and comments. "
"Gazprom" has already stated about the gas price for Belarus 2008. Allegedly, it will not be the negotiation process, and the calculation based on the current contract. It is true defined method of calculating prices. But representatives of the official Minsk advocated the revision of this methodology. And not so long ago, the assistant head of Belarus Valentin Rybakov said the establishment of the Customs Union within EurAsEC impossible without a coordinated price policy in the sphere of energy.
Managing Mises Center Yaroslav Romanchuk so predicts developments:
"I think we in the New Year table would expect news from the gas front. Because if Minsk now says that the basis of relations within the Customs Union must be energoelementy similar prices, we, in fact, go back to the state of negotiations 2005-2006. Official Minsk has made no conclusions. Conflict will be, and I think that this year there will be more conflict hot politicized. "

"Belarusian management replaced in order to enable third gear, simply implements generic silver and stalling for time."

According Romanchuk, Belarus in any case not be able to receive gas at $ 100 for a thousand cubic meters, as it is at the moment. And the increase in prices affect the economy:
"This year we were missing about a half billion dollars. A subsequent this year will be two and a half, three billion and it certainly will be palpable. We felt it on the balance of payments, the pressure on the exchange rate. And on the budget, which does not have enough money. And because taxes or will need to increase, as the Ministry of Finance now implies or reduce various utilities that social benefits. "
Managing center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika does not exclude that the Belarusian authorities will ensure that in the first half next year ahead to implement 50% of the shares of "Beltransgaz" Russian "Gazprom":
"Belarusian administration, unlike the population, can not cope with the task of these criteria. Indeed" Beltransgaz "- to give him the means to pay for gas — this is the most inefficient business.
All shows that the Belarusian management replaced in order to enable third gear, connect business efforts, Directorate for Export and effective economic policy, simply implements generic silver and stalling.
We swallow and 120, and 140, and $ 200 for gas. Another thing, it is necessary that the government finally entered Prof. people who can count. "
Zaika believes that "Gazprom" may increase the cost of gas Belarus within 120-150 bucks for a thousand cubic meters:
"Lukashenko went to the third period — cheapest kind of gas will not."
December 31 2006 "Beltransgaz" and "Gazprom" signed a contract for the supply and transit of gas in 2007-2011. Document for value in the supply of Russian gas this year — $ 100 for a thousand cubic meters. Also, the contract stipulates a price formula from 1 January 2008. It corresponds to the price formula for Russian gas to Europe.
"Gazprom" and the Government of Belarus signed the protocol that "Gazprom" acquires 50% stake in "Beltransgaz" for 2.5 billion dollars in equal installments over four years. In This year "Gazprom" has already transferred to the Belarusian side 625 million dollars for the acquisition of 12.5% of shares of "Beltransgaz".
• "Gazprom" will determine the gas price for Belarus without further negotiation, 30.08.2007
• Ministry of Energy of Belarus: "Gazprom" breached his contract, 3.08.2007

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