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Valery Karbalevich: "The problem is that the concept of" recognition of the election "very loose, and the various political forces to put in it a different content"
. "The two institutions will decide: OSCE observers and management of the European Union. I agree that the likely conclusions of the OSCE observers will be" rubber ": with one side there is some progress, but on the other — the elections failed to meet European standards. And the EU, and guided by geopolitical considerations, will decide.

Alexander Klaskouski: "Pevolution now not take place "
"Ordinary citizen, even if he is not ecstatic about the current government understands that nothing has changed and this is not the case when you have to shove on the rampage. The current area reflects the current status of the Belarusian society. There is a small group of active enemies of the government and non-political, motionless mass stilled".

Silitski: "From the West has a political order to normalize"

"On the one hand, from the West, there is a political order directly on the normalization of relations with the official Minsk. On the other hand it still has not reached the point that Belarus will turn a blind eye, as say in Azerbaijan because of oil and gas business. Will be elected because of some small way to find one denaminatara to find some ground for the upcoming dialogue. "And

"Imagine that deputies will be Mikhalevich expelled from the BNF. His supporters, and they are almost half the Front ask — so who is in our favorite games? If none passed, it also acts, but at a little more. Then almost everything will depend on what will be the case of the official Minsk with the West, or will improve things is acceptable, or whether to continue the thaw at the moment and will be completed."
Viktor Martinovich: "Cikavasts before the election is not very big".

"This company was so clear that it was not visible. The only that didabout her company — is campaigning for a preliminary vote. Had read about it everywhere: was campaigning on the streets, in public transport. About other topics not read as neither opposition nor pro-government candidates. In my environment the whole campaign I did not get into your mailbox any leaflets. Such was never"

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