Anatoly Lebedko Our Europeanness should appear once a day

(Bushlyakov) "Minsk city authorities allowed to spend on October 14 in Minsk," European march "on the structure of the Academy to Bangalore Square and a rally in the park of Friendship of Peoples. Initially, the organizers intend to meet on October Square and from there go to the main avenue of the capital building of the State Library . But the authorities did not agree to the stated option and offered another route. Anatoly, you as the 1st of the applicants, rerouting did not disappoint? "
(Liabedzka :) "Personally, I am not satisfied with the proposal, but there is a position of the organizing committee."
(Bushlyakov :) "Would you agree with this opinion, that the authorities have left the organizers no choice but to accept a route to Bangalore Square?"
(Liabedzka :) "The choice is always, and this situation is no exception. Personally, I come to October Square and from there to many, many people, I think we will go to the Academy, but already there can be make decisions and go to the venue of the rally. "
(Bushlyakov) "Resistance Movement" Mutiny "made a statement, in which a very critical position organizers responded to the" Euro march. "Let me quote a piece of this statement: "It is not enough that the opposition went to the shameful and untimely" dialogue with the authorities "(which is still seen except as a prison, beatings, expulsion from the institution for 10 s resistance activists), not enough that the party chose favorites absurd goal the action — a declaration of love to the Union at a time when the country’s dictatorship reigns and destroyed all national, but now they absolutely play by the rules of this dictatorship. " What would you respond to such a reaction? "
(Liabedzka :) "Different points of view have a right to exist. Together with the fact, I do not know where the applicants this position of "rebellion", but I know where my colleagues on the Joint civilian party» — Yuri Istomin, Dmitry Slutsky, Vasily Polyakov and others — they are currently in the clink . Their understandable and clear position — they are working on European values not from action to action, and once a day. "
Why go to the "European march"?
(Bushlyakov) "What would you answer the question why it is necessary to go in the near Sunday at the" European march "?
(Liabedzka :) "This debate has been going on for a long time, but for the first time in many years, we have a plan, quite understandable and clear. This is not some one-off event, it’s part of the latest strategy that was adopted at the Congress of Democratic Forces. May be small victories, small lesions, but you need to work the system. "European march" as the way and the "Socialist march", the companies that comprise a set of a variety of actions. "European march" on October 14, it is only one of the shares on which all worked. Tomorrow will be a round table, which will be devoted topic. State Committee on» united democratic forces took action to fill a certain content of 12 proposals, which made European Belarus alliance. We are passionate about this work, and only if we will work systemically, once a day, then you can count on a certain result.
And about why people need to take to the streets — to me it’s like hell Europeanness character. If it is, then it must be shown and the 14th. If we Europeans and belong to the European civilization, we must demonstrate it. 14th we only emphasize this, but it should appear once a day in our behavior, in our actions, the most important thing. "
Survey in Minsk — if you were on street protests and going for the coming such actions?

(Bushlyakov) "Anatoly or encouraging you these answers?"
(Liabedzka :) "Last week I walked from door to door — there was, however, a different theme connected with the abolition of social guarantees. And I sat down in the mood of people, for me it was canceled sociology. Enough people positively significant part refers to the fact that in the country there are people who make more than the average citizen. I think it’s optimistic. society were always five or six percent of people who did the role of locomotive and pulled over a all the other cars. So it was everywhere, and perfectly, in Belarus there are such people. Thanks to them, now Belarus is independent and sovereign government. And despite the great repression and prepyadstviya, we have gained a lot.
Naturally there are about half the people who are apolitical, and it is also not purely Belarusian phenomenon is manifested in our neighbors. But the very principle that even people who do not stroll on such shares, understand the purposes for which they are needed, why need a different range of views. Of course there are people who will always support this power. Because these responses are not amazed me since I know the sentiments and said, argued with many people in Minsk during our rounds apartments.
And I still wish to use the opportunity and invite "European march" those who are aware that this utility has a — let’s demonstrate that we are Europeans and we do it first for themselves, for their own friends and relatives, and own country.

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