Ancestors missing Madeline McCann decided to transfer her toys in Belarus

Four-Madeline McCann was abducted during a family holiday in Portugal in May.
With addition time villagers, and many other Englishmen who sympatyzavali this family, symbolically brought to girls at the War Memorial in Leicestershire many dolls and toys.
As the relatives Madeline all pray for the fact that the search for the girls and that she lasted one day returned home. Yet McCann are convinced that all these toys at the moment more than necessary for children affected by the Chernobyl disaster in Belarus.
By grandmother Madeline Zhenit Kennedy now she and family members once a day packed parcels Belarusian toddlers. In each box, along with dolls and toys bear little girls photo. Belarus has only about 2 thousand parcels.
Meanwhile forensic experts as before the case is called kidnapping girls very mysterious. To the nearest time the Portuguese police suspected in the crime as the parents themselves and their friends. On the days of, after into the hands of the police got shot, made in Morocco in August, the investigation appeared in the brand new item. But in the investigation as before no exact version of the crime.

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