Anniversary of the murder of Politkovskaya: People have lost the chance to find out the truth about Chechnya

Dmitry Muratov, editor in chief of "The latest newspaper" where Anna Politkovskaya worked styled mobile phone journalist:
"By calling this number, hundreds of persons. By Anna Politkovskaya went from failure. It was obliged take over some functions of the state in helping people affected by war in Chechnya. This phone she heard a lot of curses and threats. Heard the words of gratitude. This phone is assigned a meeting at which she received the most important information about corruption in the Russian Federation. "
Dmitry Muratov said that "newcomer newspaper" resume phone number — so that people can call now employees Politkovskaya.
Employee Radio Liberty Lena was the last Rykavtsava who interviewed Anna Politkovskaya. She noted that the global response to killings Pralitkovskay contrasts with the indifference to her death in Russia:
"People in Russia appreciate freedom of speech still less than in other statesah. That’s why the work of Anna in Russia was not appreciated tribute manner. That is why nothing has been heard about the protests against the shameful censorship on Russian television channels. Russian society might not be aware that it has lost along with Anna’s death. And it has lost the last chance to find out the truth about Chechnya. "
Past President Radio Liberty Kevin Klose said about the international response:
"I think aftersequence of the conflict in Chechnya is not clear in the West. But when people behold the murder such person, they perceive it as martyrdom. And it starts to lure attention to the personal, individual level. "
Many refer to the murder of Politkovskaya turning point in Putin of the Russian Federation, the beginning of new era of repression and terror. Deputy editor of the international department of the English magazine «Economist» Edward Lucas said:
"The murder of Anna was a symptom of a process that began perhaps as early as 1991, when the KGB persists. He accelerated when Putin took power and consolidate it, and after Beslan process, I would have said, is accelerating."
Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek in his speech said:
"The investigating authorities and the law enforcement system of the Russian Federation faced a severe test. Disclosure Politkovskaya or neraskrytstse will testify about the current situation in Russia."
Conference was chaired by the president of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Jeff Gedmin
Spoke at the conference, Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek
Meeting of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty during the conference

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