Announced fundraising for the monument Anatolia Sysuev

Competition to create a monument Anatolia Sysuev who put on his grave in his native village Goroshkov announced first this year.
Says a close friend of the poet and the coordinator of the competition vice-chairman Union of Belarusian Writers Edward Akulin:
"If we have summed up the contest, then unanimously elected outline of the draft proposed by the Belarusian young architect Hanicke Loikaw, as it is more consistent with the concept of the monument. Related Anatolia wished the base concept lay the sign of the Christian cross, which, in fact, did Genyk Loikaw. "
To implement the project have found in Ukraine and brought to one of the Minsk art combines dark granite. Workers have already begun to carve out a monument.
Now, says Edward Akulin, the organizing committee to find funds to pay for materials and labor workers traspartavanne monument in peas and setting it on the poet’s grave. Architect Genyk Loikaw for own labor board does not take.
"We give notice that, that creativity Anatolia Sys fans, those who knew him, who remembers who loves Belarus because adored her life with Anatoly, responded to this generous deal," — said Edward Akulin and added that those who wish to donate funds the monument in Anatolia Sysuev may apply to the organizing committee by phone 8-0297-68-56-14.
The Organizing Committee hopes that the monument at the grave of Anatolia Sys using public will set before the third anniversary of his death — in May 2008.
Anatoly Sys: "No money, no glory — I will want" (photos from the presentation of the book "Len"), 23.01.2007 • Farewell to Anatoly Sysom. Minsk, May 9, 2005, 1.5.2006 • Names of Liberty. Anatoly Sys (26.10.1959, v.Garoshkav, Rechitsky area — beginning in May 2005, Minsk. Buried in Goroshkova 10.5.2005), 1.5.2006 • Anatoly Sys. 1959-2005

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