Another landing Russian journalists in Belarus

Tour organizer is usually the Belarusian Embassy in Moscow.
In the program of the trip — a meeting with the heads of municipal departments, visits to industrial, agricultural, military, cultural facilities in Minsk and Mogilev. As the Radina, editor of the website "Charter 97", some Russian journalists as part of the huge press groups throughout in recent years on a couple of visits to Belarus, which is pushing to certain conclusions:
"In general I do not think that they are journalists in pure form.’s Faster such" Voyager "that receive funds for writing laudatory articles about Belarus. And in general — it is such a typical "business" rather than journalists. "
It is not clear, is scheduled to meet with Russian journalist Alexander Lukashenko.
In the midst of the companies with which the work plan to introduce Russians — "Belshina", "Belatmit" brewer "Syabar" Glass "Elizovo", "Agrolink" farm "Giant". In addition, guests will visit the 15th air defense missile brigade-Defense Forces and has received permission to visit the Central Command Post of the Ministry of Defence. By the end of stay in Belarus Russians driven to ski "Silichi."
A. Starikevich: "The visit will rage control RF"
Convinced as deputy chairman of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Alexander Starikevich, visit of the Russian media in Belarus can not have quite the effect, which is calculated on the Belarusian authorities to:
"One gets the impression that there is some fanatical attempt to prove something to someone. Fact no reason to invite such logical landing at the moment. It all made sense when Alexander Lukashenko retained claim to the Russian throne in 1990. But since then a lot has already passed, and now read about it seriously is not necessary. The only outcome that can be — this, of course, the formation of a positive style of management in today’s Belarusian Russian regions.
But I’m not sure it would be very expensive cost of Belarus. Mean not even spending on arrival, accommodation and various joys colleagues from Russia, and that during this event will be the next statement in opposition to the Kremlin, which can only further enrage Russian control. Then gas prices will be even higher. "
In This year this is the third visit of journalists from Russia to Belarus. Compared to previous years, a very moderate rate. Please 2000s huge group of Russian reporters came to Belarus at 6-7 times.
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