Artur Finkevich: Power is trying to expand the geography of repression

On this week became clear excitement about the new criminal case against the favorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich, who is serving a sentence in Shklou colony. Dmitry Dashkevich accused of refusing to testify against the activists of "Young Front".
The case is Shklovskaya district prosecutor’s office. Lawyer Alexander Galiyev activist told reporters that even he was not informed of the new charge, which pushed his client.
Adherent Dashkevycha Arthur, is already serving "chemistry" in Mogilev, says that he already knew about the accusation and Dmitry, and the cases against the activists of "Young Front" in Gomel Zhlobin and other towns. Oh, so Arthur commented these things.
"People who make decisions there, decided to intimidate our activists on the example of repression against regional managers. They do puzzles possible expand the geography of repression. "
With all of this Artur Finkevich considers that the objectives of repression — suspend youth resistance — these people not reach.
For several weeks no letters from Alexander Kozulin. I recall the last presidential candidate, was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and 5 serving his sentence in prison. Daughter Julia politician said "Freedom":
"We wrote several letters to his father, what are waiting for notification from him a day or goodbye, but so far no answer."
I. Rynkevich: "The prosecutors substitute for laws"
Meanwhile General Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus returned "without consideration" letter recognizable politicians who directed attention to the illegal, as they believe the sentence Alexander Kozulin and asked to take measures to review his case. These were letters Milinkevich, Anatoly Lebedko, Yuri Khadika, Anatolia Lyaukovich.
Prosecutor General’s Office referred to the fact that the creators of the letters "are not included in the category of persons who may apply for a retrial."
Previous lawyer Igor Rynkevich Kozulin position as prosecutor commented Belarus:
"These laws are replaced by bureaucrats. They write on the basis of the law on appeals people, and they are responsible under the criminal code. This again evidence of politicization of the case of Alexander Kozulin. As for people appeals to the prosecutor, they, of course, have the right express their concern regarding the case, which concerns a presidential candidate. Hopefully, the government still respond to people’s complaints and Alexander Kozulin go out free. "
On October 2, the Minsk City Court will consider the complaint Klimov. Previous deputy reaches verdict is revoked, which first gave him August Tribunal Minsk Central District. I recall opposition recognized guilty for distributing via the web appeals against the government and sentenced to two years imprisonment in a colony serious mode. If the tribunal does not satisfy the complaint, Andrei Klimov on the same day can be taken to the colony. Observers note that the first time an opposition in Belarus sentenced in the criteria of a serious mode.
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