At Area spirit returned briefly in March 2006

It assumed the role of more than a thousand people, mostly activists of youth organizations, also favorites of the opposition. The action lasted for 2.5 hours.
During the second time since March 2006 on October Square in Minsk appeared tent. Two small tents for a short time in the center square set activists initiative "Youth for Belarus", who came to the opposition campaign with orange flags. Later, these tents denounced hands on Independence Avenue and found at the Government House. On the steps at the monument to Lenin held a rally. Young people waving white-red-white flags at the feet of the Bolshevik leader. The police did not even try to stop unauthorized march and rally. The main motive of the protest — today’s elections for the House of Representatives dishonest, required new elections.
Last political prisoner Statkevich, based on reports from observers locations, said that the election in Belarus niskolechko practice has changed, the opposition was not given even to monitor the vote count:
"If someone has placed his hopes that Lukashenko will give the opposition a few mandates, he was wrong, even this" tent ", then let small, but the power and ethe man not willingly share power. It can only pull out of his teeth together with the jaw. "
Observers foreshadowed that any real impact will not bring action yesterday, but she was able to show disagreement with the way the government conducted the elections. Says one of the participants in the protest demonstrations Franak Vyachorka:
"Action has shown that there are young people in the country there are people who care about the future, not indifferent international recognition of these elections society. We now was not much we had not enough to mark our position very worthy. But we have shown that the Belarusian youth Belarusian people wants new elections and these elections have no right to be recognized as free and legitimate. "
The protest was heard by international observers who attended the October Square. Says one of them, Estonian deputy Silver Meykar:
"I am very well understand why these people came here on the square — as they wish, so that the elections were spotless and in good faith to the system of power was the usual … For me it is unreal talk about the elections in good faith, when in Belarus, for example, no free media. "
One of the favorites initiative "Youth for Belarus", which took an active role in yesterday’s demonstrations, Nikita Krasnov Freedom noted that, in his opinion, the action reaches its goal, if it is international observers will vote against the recognition of yesterday’s elections:
"Wedid everything probable, since parliamentary elections are tribute to the impact on our society, it does not feel the sense of these elections. In our country the parliament is not much that decides. We want to prove that this election is invalid, lime, and we hope it’s justified. "

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