At the Warsaw stadium are no longer trading

Tatiana — from western Belarus, the stadium trades for about 5 years. She asks her neighbor, an Armenian keep watch product — fake fur, and she goes to buy cosmetics Chruch:
"I still need to go there … ordered shine for lips, lipstick … "
Tatiana does not want to have a conversation recorded, agrees to say only a few words — she regrets that trade in the stadium will not be;
"All traded, traveling, and everything was perfect — both for us and them."
Authorities in Warsaw and many inhabitants of the Polish worth, but think differently — Stadium which is quite far away from the town center, looks very ugly with tents and debris, but first — Poland and Ukraine will take place in 5 years the European football championship, and there will be built a new modern stadium.
"This is a project which many expect, and the new National Stadium must be built, despite the fact that maybe not all will make the European Championships, "- said the Minister of Sport Poland Elzbieta Jakubiak.
Instead stadium traders will be able to follow the spring to trade elsewhere — on the street Radyminskay, but it’s how they say it, is not the same.
Part with one of the signs of the beginning of economic changes in Eastern Europe, a place where from the mid 50s there were important events of the communist authorities, and later began hosting market where traders understand the language of all of Poland’s eastern neighbors, a little hurt.
Maybe it’s because on Sunday, the last day of trading on the stadium often included recognizable Polish Schlager 30s — Tango "Last Sunday" …
Warsaw Stadium in bargaining lasts
Warsaw Stadium in shopping arcades
Warsaw Stadium: panorama

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