Basketball in Belarus will be fundamental for the country sport?

Euphoria need "harmonize" with reality
Now answering machine "Liberty" called recognizable sports specials, swimming coach Vladimir Zvernik. He has over 30 years of coaching experience in the USSR national team, and then a team of Belarus. At the emperor calls Zvernik expresses satisfaction with performances women’s basketball team at the European Championships. "Third place — no words to express how it warms the heart" — says Vladimir Zvernik and yet for all that warns athletes and coaches from excessive euphoria before qualifying matches on the way to the 2008 Olympics:
"Yes, you always feel great after satisfaction of a successful outcome of his own team or individual athletes. But there comes a condition where the peak fitness level decreases. This is a natural, impartial, physiological factor of the human body. On purchase of a new peak is needed for a long time, it is necessary to pass all from the beginning. So makarom, big win — it’s just a good excuse for more weighty work with virtually zero. Yet I wish our girls are even more of success. But given the pronounced. "
Basketball "capital" in Minsk, Smorgon, Ossipovichi
If basketball engage seriously, spetsy recommend starting with the age of 8. Get the "original basketball education" can be in Minsk, regional centers and some regional centers. In the capital, there is the opportunity to study in specialized youth school of Olympic reserve (SDYUSHAR) "Horizon" and "Minsk-2006". Minsk Region basketball section has Molodechno, Borisov, Soligorsk.
In Gomel Municipal School of Olympic Reserves and Youth number 9, and special schools — Svetlogorsk, Kalinkavichy and Zhlobin (based on the Belarusian Steel Works). In Grodno, a children’s sports school № 7, also has a basketball venues in Smorgon and bridges. Vitebsk region basketball units operate in Vitebsk (SDYUSHAR number 4) and Orsha (SDYUSHAR number 2). Mogilev region two basketball center: SDYUSHAR number 5 in the regional center and Youth Asipovichy. Less basketball presence felt in the Brest region. Brest at the Games is a team of students of special SDYUSHAR number 4.
Expenditure on basketball at times less hockey
Responsible for the development of children’s basketball in the Belarusian Federation of Basketball — Constantine Sharavera, One of the most recognizable players in the Russian time, and now director of the club "Minsk-2006":
"Can you imagine what actually is it? Asipovichy In school, in Mogilev and Minsk two schools. Which may be coverage? There is no same coverage! Obschebelorusskie Competitions are held almost exclusively on two ages. Because the topic is very difficult. Necessary to raise, move, because basketball — a sport from which people came out in other disciplines. It can be viewed as a base. This game! All kids of which begin, while still in school? With games. And this kind of gaming revenue. Not all are basketball players . Handball, whom ask, such as Sanya Karshakevich with which we are very good friends, started playing basketball. A school basketball, I believe, should be considered as an essential element for the general physical development. "
Reporter: "Yes, the costs of basketball — discord besides hockey?"
"Yes on than readsTh? It is cheaper 10 times, exactly. Us it must? Shield the ball. Of equipment — running shoes, T-shirt for the first time. In the coming already, when the team starts to go to the competition, we all dress themselves. In this step, we actually paid no groups because everything rests on the shoulders of the country. There is a project forms the group paid the initial training, but so far that’s the plan. But in any case the most important thing is not even that: we need the desire. "
The popularity of basketball globally rapidly grows. In the U.S., it comes in a long so referred "Great three" of favorite game types: by popularity match NBA (National Basketball Association) is comparable to baseball games leagues and South American football. Every basketball game, according to statistics, collects 10 — 15 thousand spectators, and Prof. basketball — one of the highest paid in the sport.
Little inferior in skill overseas athletes and players of strongest European basketball leagues — first, for Greece, Spain and Italy. In general, real-world examples to walk far not necessary: in adjacent Lithuania basketball — number 1 sport. On the last day of summer in the Lithuanian capital appeared monument in honor of basketball — one of the pieces are engraved the names of 3 x 10-s athletes and coaches who have made a greater contribution to the development of basketball in the country. Opened sculptural group President Valdas Adamkus.
• Belarusian basketball became bronze champion championship of Europe, 8.10.2007

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