Belarus may get more Russian gas?

The press service of "Gazprom", we stated: case with Ukraine should be considered only as a bilateral deal with this state — and less.
But Minsk analyst Valentin Mackiewicz believes that the probable solution of the Russian concern associated with Belarusian affairs. He says that in the case of reduction of gas supplies to Ukraine over gas can get Belarus:
"Of course, not very much that can be done by taking into account the capacity of our pipelines. But what we reduction is unrealistic — and it can be regarded as a positive phenomenon for Belarus.
Although, in my eyes, Belarus and Ukraine have to talk to Russia, not individually and simultaneously. Moscow just breaks apart and alone, and others. But not in today’s government Belarus is can be done. "
Belarus should be calculated with "Gazprom" for gas no later 23rd day of the following month. So makarom, until October 23, you need to pay for gas purchased in September.
How can grow with the advent of the costs of the heating season — ask Valentin Mackiewicz.
"Yet there is not switching on the heater. Usually it happens somewhere in the midst of October, and in the past year, it seems, even it was later. And the increase comes percent to thirty or forty, if you look at the December-January. Power engineers have worked it all out. The highest consumption — this December-January.
Almost 23 December calculations increases very problem. A November 23 it will be more inconspicuous. "
Alexander Lukashenko has recently announced that "Gazprom" plans 2008 increment in gas prices Belarus another fifteen percent. As it may affect the state of the Belarusian economy?
Vasily Shlyndikov who long headed the concern "Amkodor" predicts:
"There will be more clearly seen the negative developments in the economy. I mean, that will accelerate the bankruptcy of our lousy companies. This will so to speak, creeping prepyadstviya — which may be in the end be forced to start at least some reforms. "
"Beltransgaz" has no debt to "Gazprom", 24.09.2007

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