Belarus — one of the most corrupt countries in the former Soviet Union

Transparency International in measuring the degree of perception of corruption into account the level of bribery, the role of municipal employees in the business, the presence or absence-independent courts and legislation in the fight with washing facilities, government transparency and accountability of its society. It should be noted that the ratings of Transparency International does not itself determine the level of corruption in the country, but how it takes people and business.
Features range from zero to 10: 0 — large degree of corruption, 10 — less. In 2007 Belarus is 150 seats, equal to the number of points it got Azerbaijan, Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Liberia and Tajikistan. Prior to 2002, Belarus in corruption perception was in the midst of less than 50 corrupt states. But in 2003 she was on the 53rd, in 2005 — 107 place, Last year — 151 location. In the midst of post-Soviet states worse, than in Belarus, situation only in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, which takes place from the end of the third list.
Our homeland in today’s ranking was 143 out, pull off the 127 seats, which was occupied in the past year. Ukraine ranked 118th, Poland — 61, Lithuania and Latvia shared 51 seats and less corrupt country in the region recognized Estonia — 28th place.
Trends in Corruption Perception configurations in post-Soviet countries and the region as a whole, we were asked to describe the regional director of Transparency International’s Europe and Central Asia Miklos Marshall.
Marshal: "The sad conclusion — that no improvement. This is because of many factors, among which the growth impact of the Russian Federation and the reduction of political will to reform. There is a definite pattern — where a greater impact of the European Union, we litsezreem improvement. Where increases the impact of Russian, the situation is exacerbated by corruption "
Some experts, especially close to the Belarusian authorities, pose a swing data vsprynyatstsi corruption in Belarus. Specifically, the fight against corruption was branded theme Belarusian authorities since its first elected president Alexander Lukashenko 1994.
Marshal: "It One of the most corrupt states in our rating. Of 180 countries it is at 150th place with a rating of 2.1. This is one of the worst characteristics in the post-Soviet region. This indicates Belarus — closed country where very languid environment for business, and where corruption seems rampant. "
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