Belarusian basketball champions won bronze European Championships

Successful performance of the team Belarus was a surprise to most basketball professionals.
One of the more recognizable players Belarusian Sharavera Constantine, who once played for the Minsk Radio Engineering Institute, and at the moment — the second coach of the men’s team of Belarus and CEO of the club "Minsk-2006" does not hide the feelings:
"In 1-x, wild delight, pride in the country. I believe that the girls made a real feat. Simply super. Now wherever you go in, even people far from the sport for one voice they say," Congratulations. "
Very happy for the first coach Anatoly Buyalsky that accurately embodied option and built coaching, game strategy. Therefore again I repeat: a very cool and all the lads. After all, before the championship was considered if the eight fall, it will be all super.
Now, of course, you can read, what they believed and knew. But if you really look, then could only impose on magic. And the girls did it. In other words, a very successful start, it was clear that rolls team to believe in themselves. Most likely, the atmosphere in the team is not bad. "
Currently Belarusian to play the typical mini-World Cup. It will be a qualifying tournament for the "2008 Olympics" in Beijing, which will accept the role of twelve teams: four from Europe, 3 from America, two from Asia, two from Africa and one from Oceania. Of this number 5 will get the best tour for the next year in China.
Konstantin Sharavera believes that such sensory rise Belarusian able to perform maximum program. In addition, for the first time there is a chance to exhibit at the Olympic Games in command discipline:
"Of course, a piece of work still lies ahead, it can not be regarded as a walk with previously known end. But that at the moment most importantly, such a victory would still give an impetus to the promotion of basketball to move forward. This is an opportunity to get out of the pit in which we, unfortunately, were. The uniqueness is that virtually no clubs team still collected. "
But basketball spec believes that one of the criterion for a decent existence basketball schools and clubs in Belarus — the much greater attention from concerned municipal authorities. And so the respective funding necessary to achieve what is called, in "hot pursuit".
This Constantine Sharavera knows from his own experience:
"Well, it understand how? If we do not go and do not claim, then all again descend on the brakes. Usually they say how? You immediately give up, we have to give money immediately afterward. So now you can put before the fact: let! After all, I have a lot such people was, say, do, and then we fund. Although the globally movement is usually the opposite. At first it is necessary to invest, so get something later. Right? "
Belarusian basketball approximate the 2008 Olympic Games, 5.10.2007

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