Belarusians have to pay more for 130 bucks?

How be average wage Belarusians with the growth of prices for 5 in recent years? This question journalists tried to find "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Room for September 27. Statistics and reporting professionals summarizes deputy head editor Ulyana Babaed:
"In 2002, the 100 bucks we could acquire substantially more potatoes, meat and other goods and things, than presently. So that our standard of living did not go down, the average wage should already be at the moment 450 bucks, and not those 320, which reaches to this year government. "
Pinsk newspaper "Local Time" continues the theme of corruption in the midst of the local chiefs. The occasion was the detention of a bribe manager 1st of markets. The publication concludes that these facts do not become less. And the newspaper reports about a significant event in the cultural life of the old Pinsk. Says editor Victor Yarashuk:
"We have revealed a plaque on the house where he lived Ryszard Kapuschinsky. It is recognizable Polish journalist and writer. He was born in Pinsk. His father was arrested the Bolsheviks in 1939 and has carried in Katyn, but he managed to escape, come in Pinsk, pick family, and they went to Poland. "
Internet-project "Solidarity" compared famous beer festival in Munich in the same Belarusian prazdnichkom Lahojak. According to the editor of Alexander Starikevich, Belarusians also have something to attract visitors:
"It turned out that Logoysk has dignity. In 1-x, it’s still cheaper. In-2, more comfortable environment for guests, because the Oktoberfest in Munich is impossible to get without a ticket, which is valid only for four hours. And the Belarusian Aktoberfestse present their products everyone, whereas prazdnichkom beer in Munich — only beer monopoly. "
Weekly "Bobruisk Courier" opens a new issue report from the Housing officials raid the addresses of malicious defaulters for an apartment. Journalists note novelty in the public utilities: the first time they were allowed to walk around the apartment with the cash register to pay off a loan on the spot.

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