Bilingualism should be a value in favor of the state language

WhiteRussian language for the majority of Belarusians now — or something unusual or prohibited. Childhood itself read in Russian, and to a certain age do not think — why?

There are some phenomena — Belarusian and not speak Belarusian

I often hear: "I Byelorussian language I know, but I do not drink …" Previously thought so, but now I think that the language of religion as: someone born and brought up in it, and someone comes to her himself. At a certain time and under the influence of certain events.
Personally for me became such lectures on logic at the institute: the teacher was only nationally focused, and then I was beginning to think that there is some phenomenon — Belarusian, not to speak Belarusian.
And so it began … At first I had difficulties, purely technical: a small dictionary in store, pronunciation … It should be noted that the level of language teaching in my school was the capital is weak, so I had to possess it virtually from scratch.
Second obstacle was the ambience. People always notice about the configuration for you, if you acquire a new dress, and certainly it will celebrate its assessment, and when you start to read in another language, monotonous reaction — surprise and suspicion.

In opposition politicians sound attacks: politicize language!

Often people compare Byelorussian with policies perceived as a form of protest, opposition nastroenastsi assessment. And aside opposition politicians sound attacks: politicize language!
I think it is not. In 1-x, no pattern between language and no political stance. I did agree that the language — this is the position of a citizen and a patriot, but not a politician. And in-2, and if someone makes the language inventory of political struggle, it is official policy.
I still remember the days when state television broadcast news led to Belarusian language, and after she’s gone evenly, and now in Belarusian is just the weather. Removing language from television, many people almost deprived her realize the need.
Belarus officially bilingual, but the problem with the knowledge of one municipal language does not appear in the Belarusian-language, and Russian people. The situation is such that a huge number of Belarusian states in certain circles in Russian. People write blogs in their native language, while at work enjoying "majestic and powerful", that did not appear again misunderstandings.

Belarusian-language — it’s like people who can write and the left and right hand

Some regard this as fearfulness, but I believe that to maintain whiteRussian language as a living, such cases are not harmful — much worse, if we have thousands of people, who do not understand it.
Often encounter misunderstandings on linguistic grounds in shops and cafes. I am not against bilingualism, but — for a fair. And — for the value of the state language. So I think that you can not take a job in the service industry people do not understand the language.
Belarusian-language — it’s like people who can write and the left and right hand. Therefore I think — for such people future. Tags: editor, Klimovich

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