Brest activist R.Kislyaka fined with the second sample

This is the second Tribunal over Raman Kislyak. Previously, the record of the Tribunal found false arrest and returned to the police department of the Metropolitan District of Brest.
Fixing bugs took two weeks. In court, the police blamed the sovereign Kislyak that Tipo could not find it. This objection Raman Kislyak:
"I guess they did not find me, and especially now led force — to put pressure. This is a typical revenge for my complaints. Facts today I’m going to also appeal to a higher court."
Raman Kislyak fined 62 thousand rubles. Verdict commented defender Vladimir Maley:
"From the results trial Raman Kislyak we realized that the tribunal was ordered. And I believe that a totalitarian regime that exists at the moment in Belarus rasperazavsya that even judges commit iniquity. "
Now Tribunal delivered activists Pauline Panasiuc and Vitaly Symonik. Both arrested yesterday and about 16 hours. Closed in a police car almost seven hours. Not given any food in the evening or in the morning.
In court Vitaly Symoniku became ill. Referee was obliged call "ambulance". Later, she granted the application for transfer of proceedings and complaints against police actions.
New detention and courts in Brest defender Yuri Zhidovich commented:
"I believe it is planned and managed company. This is not a single action or a coincidence. One of the goals is to try to prevent the announced share to bring success."
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