Brest opposition appeal against sentences

The Tribunal considered the metropolitan area of Brest presentation unauthorized meeting.
Now Natalia antimony referee did not suit complaints three things — a fine 93 thousand rubles youth activist Yury Bakur, 15 days in jail and policy Paul Seviarynets warning journalist Lyubov Pronevich.
Case of Yuri Bakura spotted for 10 minutes, and there are no complaints and Love Paul Sevyarinets Pronevich — 5 minutes.
Brest human rights activist Yuri Zhidovich said the referee judged the nature of the case, "complaints are handled with speed peragortvannya pages."
Paul Seviarynets explains:
"The purpose of the complaint was that to lock the lawlessness that happens. And, in-2, pass all instances of so-called Belarusian justice, that can apply for an international level. Because at the moment we are working with lawyers sent this complaint Supreme Tribunal, and after, and to international organizations. "
Consideration of other appeals in Brest will continuesmiling until October 11.
Public activists all fourteen appealed the verdict of the trial court.
Trials of opposition in Brest will continue until October, 24.09.2007 • Trials of opposition in Brest will continue until October, 4.09.2007 • Brest fined member of the movement "For Freedom" Yuri Bakura, 4.09.2007 • Brest judge Yuri Bakura, 3.9. 2007

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