Brest to load Savushkin product — birch sap

"You come to the warehouse, and they say to you politely that box" Tuborg "will only take two boxes when a rubbish — says businessman Vladimir Krasenkow. — The kiosk has become inspect, there is a" fund products. "
I ask, which means "fund products."
"And what for you — well, do not need? That is such a product" — is responsible businessman Krasenkow.
"More tactfully offer birch sap in addition to" Savushkin product "- says businessman personal Maisyuk. — Usually goes usual dictates."
Leading special municipal government trade Alla Okolotovich explains, so act on the Brest Regional Executive Committee decision of 17 January this year "On some issues of product definitions."
"We need to protect Russian producers" — said Alla Okolotovich.
"And who will protect the business? — Asks chairman of the local branch of the National Association of businessmen" Perspective "Victor Tchaikovsky. — After all, it contradicts the very nature of the market. "
"This is the official policy statement of the president — said Yuri Hubarevich, chairman of the Brest regional branch of the BPF. — If, for example, a strong enterprise" Berastseenerga "should support another fourteen feeble, or one of Grodno" Nitrogen "dead enterprises agriculture — this is "load" is the phenomenon of the 1st order. "
In Brest businessmen held a meeting, 24.09.2007

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