Brest to stay on the job, you need to quit the Free Trade Union

As said community chairman Valentin Lazarenkov, teachers offered loaf that soon they will be elected to the office — and in order to stay on the job, you need to get out of the "Free Trade Union".
"Conversations in the office of first vice-rector — a" gift "to the teachers day teachers — said of Lazarenkov — previously dismissed from the institute members" Free Trade Union "Anatolia Lyaukovich me, Igor Maslovskoye."
The interviewee said that if there was no pressure from the administration of the Institute, in the community of "Free Trade Union" was almost 100 people. Not so long ago, four teachers had complete membership in free trade unions.
And now community chairman Valentin Lazarenkov sent an open letter to the Ministry of Education. Namely, he asked such a conversation is initiated by or sanction Minister Alexander Radkov.

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