Bureaucrats Minsk city executive committee refused to announce its decision on the Euro Marsha

Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the "Euro march" Viktor Ivashkevich said, "Freedom", the bureaucrats refused Mingorispolkom announce its decision. They promised to send written responses to applicants in the afternoon on October 10.
Responsible for ideological work bureaucrat Mingorispolkom Gennady Kurbeka journalists refused to say to whom the decision on the opposition came to share the city authorities.
Viktor Ivashkevich, despite the fact that the chairman of the organizing committee, decided to tell the outcome of negotiations after, how to receive a written response from the Minsk city executive committee and gather all applicants shares.
October 8 applicants "Euro march" visited Minsk city executive committee. They were told that the authorities have decided to authorize action, but not October Square, and the structure Academy.
The applicants did not agree to such option and proposed a new gathering place near October Square — Kupalovsky Square.

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