Call to Freedom: Although I have 70 years, I wish to Europe!

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On the "European march" need to go to cry of the heart, as we Belarusians

Man: "On the" European march "need to go without any means, without any payment, not as some called Nikolai Ivanovich, who asked how much they would give him bucks … On European March, I still I wish to say, you have to walk cry of the heart, as we Belarusians. And I’m retired, but I’ll come to the march. I only ask of God, I pray that this prazdnichek on Shroud was not bad weather, as on March 25 in Freedom day. God forbid. Will only stand until the end, until victory, until my heart is beating. Although I have 70 years, I wish to Europe! "
Pensioner "Pochetaemaya edition of" Freedom, "the youth are constantly blamed for abuse, although Belarusian language it just can not be. Taking into account non-traditional orientation of our country — not to the West and the East, but believing himself about this navel of Europe — suggest the main ideologue of the country to follow the path close to us and put the Young Syria is not for swearing, for which, in primarily, necessary to imprison all of our valiant police and oriental fine — for the weakening of government feelings. For such a formulation and to serve not sad. "

"If we have a policeman for speeding tried to suspend Lukashenka, the fate of the traffic cop, I would not envy"

Man: "The program" Belarusian Diaspora "heard in Estonia ordinary policeman for speeding suspended President. What does this mean? This indicates pairs that in democratic countries there is one law for all. In other words, everyone is equal before the law does not matter who you are: an ordinary citizen or the president. Violated the law, please answer. Yes, in principle, must. Submit themselves to something we in Belarus is simply unrealistic. My head does not fit. If we have a policeman for speeding tried to suspend Lukashenka, the fate of the traffic cop, I would not envy. Why is this happening? The answer is simple. Since our "usenarodnaabrany" put his person above any law and even above the Constitution, which he repeatedly violated. In at least some democratic country for it is possible to lose the presidency and even get in jail. And our leader easiest to break though what the law and even the Constitution. For him it is wrong, just spit. That’s democracy for you there in Belarusian. One can not be anything, and all others can. "

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