Calls for freedom: Election Results predictable

In Belarus, elections were held for the House of Representatives. Students ‘Freedom’ share their impressions about their degree of openness, fairness and democracy.
Victor: "The election results predictable. Candidates appointed authority. Overpowered destination. More weak voter education, weak mind, indifference to the work of the Parliament. People do not believe that the" tent "what-nibudt decides. And stare as deputies to people aspiring to the trough — trough for the best criterion, since hitting a "tent", the deputies did not make promises, do not defend the rights of their constituents. "
Man: "I think there will be a very significant change, but not from the election, and on the price of gas, which currently come from Russia. Gas production in Russia is significantly reduced. So we wait a very great change."
Man: "What are you, gentlemen Western observers are going to accept? What elections? Would admit izymatelstvo over the Belarusian people, falsification? It was necessary to look at all this. I beheld with my own eyes. Izymatelstvo and shame — that’s what awaits the Belarusian people in the event that these elections. "
Man: "Once again, with his subordinates vertikalschikov elections to the Belarusian parliament turned into a parody of the election, which was open izymatelstvom need me, from the opposition of the voters of the candidates, as with other states."
Spades: "Let me tell you for what I heard yesterday on TV. Lukashenko said that the opposition lost. This he said is unfair. Young will come."
"I and many of my friends on the" election "is not walking," — said in an SMS message to our listener from Gomel, sire Kuhnovets. Continuing the theme of elections — following expression:
Man: "Going to vote for — it is our duty. In another case. Deputies elect need. Only their role at this time in a completely different, not the same as it was before the president. "
Man: "The whole world results demonstrated the most" democratic "elections in Belarus. If you, the European Union and the United States do not want to admit, turn, go, and Abkhazia and Ossetia, we recognize our strategic course and keep on Venezuela."
Man: "There is no end of joy for the day yesterday when the Belarusian people voted Radzivil for Soviet power … for today, for the president."
Spades: "The elections were excellent! Simply magic! Lovely, relaxed. But opposition began a real psychosis. Calls do not calm down, they say that anyhow. Such heresy, a fantastic story. They after the election should consult psychologists."
Man: "I appeal to Democrats. Think worthwhile for you to spend your upcoming health and strength for change in our lives, for the improvement of our lives when we do not choose you in parliament, and the deputies of the former MPs who voted for the abolition together our own benefits. And what gratitude or support, you can wait for their people? "
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