Capital Minsk day poetry festival Word order

Organizer "Order the words" Belarusian side Nicholas Sulima:
"Very very popular poet. He universal poet, on my eyesThe poet, who is able to amaze and at the technical level, and force experience strong emotions. "
One of the visitors — young poet Valery Koustova — knows what came to the meeting with Timur Kibirov:
"I had heard that he was one of the best Russian contemporary poets. Incline At age … which should go. It is fundamentally different from those creators who spoke at the opening festyvlyu, and will be performing at the closing."
Valeria Koustova notes in Belarus strongly enough international art festivals, and that the main communication between creators happening on the web:
"For example, yesterday I met quite the case in the subway Russian poet Igor Belov, speaking at the opening of the festival. We paznalisya on user-nicks. He said what my poetry reading, I shared memories of his work."
October 5th Festival "Order the words" continue in Bobruisk.
• "In Vilnius veritas" in Minske3.10.2007 Poetry Festival "Word Order" was opened in the name of the library Pushkina2.10.2007

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