Catholic church does not wish to remain on the street Russian

Not so long ago a priest offers Vladislav Zavalniuk Minsk authorities decided Bersana rename the street, which is near the church, in the street Edward Voinilovich.
Edward Voinilovich — recognizable in the late XIX — early XX century landowner and philanthropist who supported the Belarusian nezalezhnitsky movement, June 11 last year Minsk was reburied in the Church of St. Simon and Lena. For their money Voinilovich built this church in Minsk in 1910.
As a result, the authorities’ decision Reddish church remained in the street Russian, 15.
Vladislav Zavalniuk priest said, addressing the faithful:
"Document on hand until we have. But I consult with you. Somehow did not fall, so that the church was on the street Russian, 15. Church so should not have the address of Edward Voinilovich, № 1. And that went down this street, as was Bersana street.
I thought that it would be renamed the Russian street Voinilovich. But if so, then let us again write to the city council. We have churches — in housing and maintenance departments. And in churches — a museum archive. All turvy. So that did not work so that street Voinilovich was near, and the church, which he built, remained on Russian. Something is wrong. Then, if you wish to contact.
God forbid that our shrine was number one on the street Voinilovich. "

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