Chamber will manage the new old speaker

Place the speaker became vacant after, in September Vladimir Kanaplyou filed his resignation from office. He referred to the bad state of health. Now deputies received text of his statement.
And the hemp on the session did not come. And did not expect it because, as told Radio Liberty one of the deputies, hemp and wrote the second statement — that will not be able to participate in this meeting.
For the resignation of the Speaker of Deputies voted 88 against — 19.
Bar Council unanimously invited to choose a new chairman Vadim Popov. Arguments in its favor are: the new parliamentary elections is only one year old and therefore need someone who already knows the job.
How to comment on the election Popova his colleagues?
Nikolai Dubovik predicts that preparations for parliamentary elections exacerbate political struggle:
"These criteria entirely reasonable that the House of Representatives in last year no fever of innovation, from the coveted domestic competition. Effective and measured work of the Chamber can provide a person without personal ambition — wise, experienced, patient, dedicated. Such properties are characteristic Vadim Popov. "
Vladimir Zdanowicz draws attention that the members of the committee for Education, Culture and Science expressed unanimous support for the candidacy of Vadim Popov:
"Earlier, we heard that the post of the speaker needs a real eagle. But our committee decided not to elect a falcon, and elect a good man, intelligent, sensible, experienced. But the main thing — the person under whose control the House of Representatives of the third convocation quiet and perfect will be able to complete their job. "
Chernobyl Commission Chairman Vitaly Kulik, who was still a deputy Supreme Council 13th convocation, said principal reward Vadim Popov that he suspended the "political intrigue and disassembly, which took the then Speaker Sharetsky":
"All progress in socio-economic life of our country based on the stability that has been achieved in 1996. Thankfully, most of the deputies and then people supported the president. Hence our successes.
And Vadim Popov predictable, reliable supporter of the president, the policies pursued by the president. And in the past we convene constructively and worked perfectly under his control. "
Vladimir Konopleva fired as chairman of the House of Representatives, 2.10.2007

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