Changed the face of communication

The creator of "communication" — Polish Radio Bialystok journalist Jaroslav Ivaniuk — improves its online library for 7 years in his spare time. First it was the same name page newsletter Belarusian service of Radio Polonia, which over time became transformed into online library.
"I then decided to put on this page a lot of historical texts, first articles that were published in the Belarusian historical collection, which delivers in Bialystok Belarusian Historical Society. Later on page got all the materials that society. Turned out that guests" Kamnikatu "specifically such Online materials they lacked what they needed, "- says the emperor Ivaniuk.
There are currently more than five hundred Belarusian books and magazines, including and book series "Library of Liberty" and the end of the year Belarusian publications on the page, by Yaroslav Ivaniuk be more than a thousand. Always in the development of online libraries help him Belarusians from different countries: Alexander Maksimyuk, Basil Trinity, Vladislav Yandyuk and others, and at the moment, "communication" has received a grant from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
"We, on behalf of the Belarusian Historical Society applied for the MFA program in Poland" Polish aid zabugornye 2007 "and got out the means by which all of these other advanced capabilities, and thanks to which" communication "to the end year will be develop "- continues Jaroslav Ivaniuk.
A modernization of the page, a different kind of — it all was manufactured it not only in order to "communicative" looked better?
The "new" communication "- is not only a new species, although it is also, but first — new multifunctional abilities. It is still easier to find some book, magazine by creator by title, year of publication. Now you can check that the guests and read more so on. It was important, but not the kind, "- said the emperor Ivaniuk.
Already in the coming days are to "talk" will Belarusian audio books. Once a day on the page Belarusian internet library regitsya about a thousand visits.

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