Academician of Engineering Academy of China Wang Xiaomei said in an interview, «People’s Daily» that the subsequent generation of Chinese aircraft distant radar detection could eclipse all of its own foreign competitors, including American. What are the prospects of Chinese development in this area?

Certainly, China reached the great success in developing their own aircraft distant radar detection. First attempt to make a similar aircraft based on outdated Russian bombers Tu-4 was undertaken in the late 1960s, but was unsuccessful. But in the 2000s, China has been able to make just three types of serial AWACS — KJ-200, KJ-2000 and export ZDK-03, Pakistan Air Force delivered. It is also clear about the work on the layout of the first AWACS aircraft deck JZY-01.

It is clear that all the Chinese AWACS aircraft use radar with active phased arrays, with all this at a languid KJ-2000 aircraft are massive radar with a water cooling system. At least large KJ-200 and ZDK-3 are used not so massive radar air cooling system.

Work on the distant radar detection aircraft concentrated in SRI number 38 of CETC, located in the town of Hefei. This SRI is a great center for the development of electronics and radar technology in the interests of not only the armed forces but of the public security of China.

At the same time, the main work on the development of these fundamental types of radar equipment, as homing missiles for «air» and airborne radars fighters priemuschestvenno conducted in another center — Institute of Electrical Technology Leyhua.

Sam Wang Xiaomei huge part of his life he worked at the Research Institute 38 since it was founded, and from 1986 to 2001 was director of the institute. He headed the working group on designing aircraft KJ-200, KJ-2000. Specifically for the design of the aircraft radar replied another famous Chinese expert on radar Do Man-ch’ing. The achievements have Man-ch’ing says that Director of the Institute he was 38 at the age of only 36 years, and in ’44 was elected an academician.

Wealth Awards acquired Wang Xiaomei, Wu Man-ch’ing and SRI 38 states that Chinese political control and command of the Chinese PLA assess progress radar technology is very high.

Yet, the conclusions about the «advantages» Chinese technology over similar types of vehicles of other states will be possible early. A similar technique is very complicated and often after adopting it takes years for the removal of small defects. With all this formal tactical and technical properties can be looked at as unique paper.

It is curious that the People’s Daily article about Wang Xiaomei shows that the first case management fighters particularly distant from the aircraft radar detection occurred during exercise in Northwest China in 2012 alone. With all this KJ-200 received in troops by 2009, KJ-2000 and even earlier.

Those confirmed speculation that expressed some South American experts at that time to nedavneshnego Chinese AWACS aircraft only just passed the data to a ground command center, which controls the aircraft, which led to a loss of efficiency of management. Such a strange state of affairs can read about the technical or organizational difficulties. Certainly, they will be overcome, but it will claim the time.

Russian Research Institute for observing 38 fascinating not only for its success, and the too tight ties with Russia. In any case, it is clear that one of the big structural subdivisions of the institute called the Center for the development of new Russian technology.

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