China has established an aircraft capable CALL «nervous breakdown enemy»?

China has established an aircraft capable CALL
What’s new prototype in the arsenal of Chinese sverhtehnologichny killing machines?. Perhaps this mental war plane capable of demoralizing the enemy directly to a nervous breakdown, which on July 17 reported Chinese English edition of Global Times, writes with a certain irony blogger Adam Minter (Adam Minter, the website provider monetary disk imaging Bloomberg).
Plane, known as Gaoxin VII (can be developed on the basis of the new basic patrol aircraft Y-8GX6/Gaoxin VI/Y-8Q, Curb modern electronic equipment and made based on a licensed copy of Russian transport aircraft An-12 — approx. ‘ VP «) may become diverted by the Chinese military sources for its advertising. Global Times did not confirm or deny the existence of this aircraft. Yet, reports that «when the plane missions will use onboard applets to block the enemy’s radio and television stations, wireless communication networks, to counteract enemy propaganda to influence the military and the civilian population, to create rumors and turmoil, the forcing of the enemy — from ordinary people to the government — to fall into a nervous breakdown, making them weak, and unable to fight a fighter. » In other words, you look in your own home channel CNN, and suddenly your telly starts transmitting a raging torrent of the Chinese Communist propaganda.
Global Times is hardly the prototype journalistic integrity, and it is unlikely that the aircraft is capable of inducing a nervous breakdown, because the Chinese communist propaganda with all diligence own is unlikely to achieve this.
Some photos of the aircraft indicate that this air platform for spreading leaflets. It seems that there may be, in the midst of information caused a revival of Chinese bloggers, most of which are life «feed» communist propaganda. Some write that while the Chinese «hegemony is not far off.» Perhaps the most obvious was the response from the service Sina Weibo, belonging to the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China, «People’s Daily» (the newspaper owned and resource Global Times). Party newspaper and its microblog and are unlikely to sneer at the People’s Liberation Army of China, if it is not a «blatant act trollizma.» It says: «Do you think that is a more effective means, which can cause nervous breakdowns from the enemy? A). Capture the enemy hidden disk imaging. B) spreading leaflets on enemy terrain. C) broadcast signals that okolpachat and mislead the enemy’s radar. «
Blogger in a photograph of the aircraft and with some sarcasm warns that we should not look at it very carefully, otherwise you may have a nervous breakdown.

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