The new Chinese J-31 fighter gets more criticism than ecstatic reviews from professionals and not so long ago, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China stated that the aircraft is intended for export, reported on October 1.

J-31 may have been designed as a fighter for the next generation of Chinese aircraft carriers and had to stand on a par with the F-35 Lightning II. But now, it seems, China, which has only one aircraft carrier, will offer these Air Force planes of the second level, such as Brazil, Pakistan and some Near East countries.

«Probably the first fighter was not created for export, but it looks like it turned out that he was not good enough,» said the Institute of Political Science of George W. Bush, Stephen Biddle (Stephen Biddle) in an interview with

Even the Chinese press criticizes made combat aircraft in the country, for example, Sina Military Network argues that carrier-based fighter J-15 failed to take off from an aircraft carrier with a «heavy weapons» that could reflect badly on the combat range and striking power.

Aviation experts believe that on the basis of limited disk imaging on the J-31, we can only say that he is only a «cheap copy» of the South American F-22. «J-31 is a kind of copy of the most advanced (and problem) South American F-22 fighter. We litsezreem same nose dvuhkilevoe vertical tail and trapezoidal wings together with some stealth features, «according to the Italian Air Force pilot last Sensiotti David (David Cenciotti). But Sensiotti said that the J-31 may not have engines with thrust vector control, which give great fighter maneuvering properties. He suspects that this aircraft was made on the basis of studies of American military aircraft, not only design the F-117 was shot down in 1999 by the Serbian anti-aircraft missile, alluding to the fact that the Chinese are using cyber attacks could get some useful for their technical drawings of the F-22 and F-35.

But no espionage and copying technologies can not provide the creation of such sverhtehnologichny aircraft as modern South American fighters, says Congressman Adam Kinzinger (Adam Kinzinger). Air Force veteran, he still serves as a pilot for the Air Force National Guard. «America has always produced and produces the world’s best aircraft. Although China claims huge abilities J-31, I’ll be skeptical until I see the evidence, «he says.

Asia-Pacific editor of the magazine Jane’s Defence Weekly, James Hardy (James Hardy) believes that there is no ability to compare the J-31 with other fighters, given the secrecy that surrounds this plane. «There are limited data on the J-31, and unrealistic to say it surpasses or inferior F-35. How can we evaluate the plane if we did not know anything about radar systems, subsystems, avionics and what materials it is made. Certainly, shape (silhouette) airframe make it similar to the fighter fifth generation, but not knowing what materials it is made, we can not say anything about his ESR (effective scattering area), «said the expert.

Hardy adds that the lack of info and the fact that a fighter, bypassing its own air force, appeared export product can affect its sales on the world market. «The key question is why the PLA Air Force is not going to take J-31 for service and follow-up question would be: if the plane is not enough good for China, why other countries should it take?» Concluded Hardy.

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