Citations a day or — October 1

"Minister Naumov, Minister Radzkou also chairman of the KGB Zhadobin we are grateful for the strong information support of our work, which they began in the country. This is some nervousness. They do not know how to respond, and their call for action. Their acts occur such makarom, that they are, in my opinion, do more damage and more power to help us. "

Party Chairman Communists Belarusian Kalyakin — acts of the authorities recently "Public march"
"The situation is one hundred percent of these elections will not dare. Confrontation and struggle will continuesmiling, but with the advantage on the side of the orange. A means on the side of future development and the establishment of a more or less strong democracy in Ukraine. Certainly that advantage orange and will influence the affairs of Belarus, I think that in line with the EU and with the emphasis on those 12 criteria, which put forward the European Union. "

Activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Alex Hurt — the results of elections in Ukraine

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