Citations a day or — October 8

"This is a typical mikradyyaleg, such was not long. And you need to evaluate positively. Authorities posted their proposal, we have laid out their. Decision on both sides is still pending. Decision Mingorispolkom will be accepted tomorrow. , We hope that common sense and consideration of all the events, also a record of how this schematic style event for Belarus to overcome peremptory corridors. And we get a reasonable and realistic solution applicable for us. Now we made a compromise proposal to collect near October Square. If it is the sacred beast, then you can gather in Yanka Kupala Park that will allow just turn people away. We believe that the passage route Yanka Kupala — Academy — decent pass, and this localization is worthy of the importance of action. "

Party Chairman BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka — on the negotiations in Minsk Executive Committee about the conduct of the "European march"

"At this point, you can predict that with the same success these boys can discredit other aspects — not only in the right to organize, and the right to education, a fair tribunal to hold meetings and so on. "

Lawyer Yuri Chausov — the decision Supreme Court not satisfy the appeal against the decision of the Minsk City Court on the registration "Junior Front. "

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