Citations a day or October 9

"We are pleased that the permission is granted, but not happy with what routes we offer."

Managing the organizing committee Euro Marsha Viktor Ivashkevich Mingorispolkom the decision that has permitted demonstration on October 14 supporters of European integration of Belarus.

"I have actual experience: in 1950-1960-ies I knew people who crosses destroyed by the Bolsheviks, fought with religion. All these people finished very badly and very rapidly. Most of the dead. Some have gone brain, become disabled, lost sons, daughters. And the one who raised his hand at the sign on the cross; even if it will not find the police, he would be punished. Such a law of spiritual life that primitive people ignore, but it is. "

Discoverer Kurapaty favorite Conservative Christian Party BPF Zenon Pozniak of vandals broke the cross "sufferers Belarus" in Kurapaty. Pozniak headed a public committee to restore the cross.

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