Citations past: A wide range of Chinese readers perfectly clear the national poet of Belarus Kupala

"Nowe Zycie" in 1927 reported: "Day 26 BM Slonim in the church there was a case that almost ended disastrously for the proper person to His Excellency ks.Artsybiskupa Yalbzhykovskaga and faithful. By Ingres ks.Artsybiskupa … suddenly began to break plaster vault main nevy over huge altar and altar he fell asleep. Fortunately the church is present in Captain Rudolf Role-Yanitskaya simultaneously jumped to artsipastera and took him to the non-dangerous place from which ks.Artsybiskup began loudly read people to remain measured and flooded situation. But a few people were wounded. Took part in an urban clinic, part of the house. "
"A wide range of Chinese readers perfectly clear the national poet of Belarus Kupala — says in 1957," Lim. "- Back in 1954, China’s huge edition was published a collection of his poems," Zhaleyka. "July 14 at the House of Culture of the Beijing branch of the Company Sino-held sovetskogo friendship anniversary of the 75th anniversary a day or birthday Kupala … A report on the life and work of Yanka Kupala translator of his works made Shove Sheng-wu. From reading the works of the national poet of Belarus were Ken Lee, Yu Dai Qing and Yu Wen-chung. In conclusion, the meeting was viewed movie "Belarusian concert."
On the pages of "free news" on this week 1997 Sergei Malinovsky said: "Our pop so used to perform under the" plywood ", unaware that in malehankih tricks Belarusian pop viewer sees only deception from time to time when ordinary soundtrack begins to" stick "… Silly situations, and you can imagine. At such moments, pop idol lowered himself to the level of the child, which is taken in the senior classes in masturbation. "

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