Citations past: Brick HII staletstsya in size and shape did not meet modern standards

"Zvyazda", year 1927. M.Shchakatsihin art critic said: "More first 1925 Polotsk communal economy department decided to dismantle brick structure b.Belchytskaga convent in Polotsk, which are very valuable monuments of our old architecture XII staletstsya. Destroyed buildings were initiated immediately, but here izshel little embarrassing: "specialists" of Polotsk kamgasu obviously did not know that the brick HII staletstsya in size and shape did not meet modern standards. "
"Fatherland" on this week 1957 speaks of the Russian ideology: "Wherever possible do without gibkastsi and where even more so concessions were unsafe, there gibkasts discarded there again knocks on the table stern fist party, there are observed libel usual twist to Stalinist methods of control. It happened, for example, with party politics on the literary front. Written not so long ago in the "truth" Khrushchev’s article "For closely link literature and art and life of the people" — a striking example. "
"Narodnaya Volya"At 1997 prints an interview with the head of the Belarusian league Human Rights Evgeny Novikov, who made a report to the UN Sub-Commission on Human Rights. "What did you read as with the highest bleachers?" — Asked the reporter. Evgeny Novikov, "Oh gross violations Human Rights in Belarus, that in a country full dependence of the judiciary from the executive, the latest intervention in the activities of vessels of numerous violations of freedom of expression and dissemination of disk imaging, the criticality of the situation in the field imprisonment. .. "

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