Citations past: Glory games do not need wings

"Dziennik Wilenski" in 1907 under the heading "Announcements" reported: "Finally, the town council passed a provincial government building department for approval of sewerage and water supply project in Vilnius. Vilensky palitsmaystar issued an order to the police only sent attention to the fact that on signboards Polish bukovkoy were more Russian and Russian so that the text was not placed under Polish, but certainly above. huge remembrance throughout the press was the fact that in Bobruisk was found in another room for the election with a small accessory, as a stable. "
"For past year Bobruisk akrsayuz sent via Odessa Dyarzhgandal to Greece and Turkey to 100 cars of potatoes — wrote in 1927 "Zvyazda." — Sent there on their own potatoes as perfectly satisfied with certain countries, and in This year Odessa Dyarzhgandal 2nd time bought 50 cars in akrsayuze potatoes for the east … Beldyarzhgandlyu assigned to export 500 pounds. dried mushrooms. Morels game ships to France and Germany. Strenuously maintained harvesting cranberries, acorn and leaf for export abroad. "
On the pages of "the Red Configuration" in 1957 writer Ales Esakov criticizes compilation "Belarusian folk Proverbs and Sayings ":" Very fascinating new chapter in the book of proverbs and sayings. Modern proverbs differ own ideological sharpness, political orientation. Their existing journalistic element, the imaging system is ordinary and precise: "Lenin taught and healed Belarusian", "Glory to the Party does not need wings", "Where is the power of the people, there is happiness and freedom." What proverbs and sayings from the book to take — every hunt quote, because each felt the deepest national intelligence, wisdom, and accumulations of centuries. "

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