Club presidents met

At the last summit in St. Petersburg, President of Kazakhstan proposed to solve for each year at least one question in the framework of the CIS. But this proposal was not approved. Number of contracts community grows, but a significant portion of them are not made. For example, an agreement to develop a free trade area, signed in 1994.
"The Free Trade Agreement tried to embody in the CIS, which according to legend, there integration, and in essence, is a regional organization — says a representative of Moscow University CIS Vladimir Zharihin. — Within the framework of such organizations impossible to form a free trade zone. Within its framework, faster comfortable spending bilateral negotiations and consultations. "
Yesterday evening managing the presidential press service, Paul Light had no disk imaging scheduled bilateral meetings Alexander Lukashenko with Russian President or other states commonwealth.
Light: "I think a lot of moments bilateral determined already in place."
Reporter: "Will there be a separate meeting with Vladimir Putin — is not yet clear?"

"CIS has, of course, lost the role it had almost 5 years backwards"

Light: "I think it is too early to read about it."
According to member of the House Sergei Haidukevich representatives, in collaboration gaining strength "internal parallel movements":
"CIS has, of course, lost the role it had almost 5 years back. Hundreds of laws have not been ratified by States members of the CIS. But this club is for meetings of the presidents."
Stanislav Shushkevich, one of the founders of the CIS said that the community, as before, does not solve the pressing issues:
"The fact that the CIS was die question long time. But there are questions for which it is needed. After, as an economic committee was moved to Moscow, Russian practicable structure. And it happens where necessary the Russian Federation ".
According to political analyst Andrei Fedorov views regular summits held just only for the sake of style, which, they say, there is a CIS:
"In the sense they have already fundamentally so dispersed in different directions-Central Asia has some landmarks, Ukraine, Moldova — other, the Caucasus and others. Unreal is blind."
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