CONGRESSMAN SAYS PLANS TO WITHDRAW Assault A-10 out of service «shame»


South American congressman, member of the Committee on Armed Services Ron Barber (Ron Barber) and eight of his colleagues made a bipartisan group to counter the decommissioning of the U.S. Air Force attack aircraft A-10 Thunderbolt 2, reports

Barber said that the A-10 is the «workhorse, tested in battle, which provides critical basic combat abilities for our troops.»

A-10 attack planes are the main combat aircraft based on Davis-Monthan, which is based 355 th Wing (82 gunship). A-10, nicknamed Warthog («Warthog») highly acclaimed Ground Forces for his great ability on a particular air support.

Barber wrote a letter in support of the A-10 Air Force Minister Eric Fanning (Eric Fanning) and Air Force Chief of Staff Mark Welsh-third (Mark Welsh III), a letter signed by congressmen, both Republicans and Democrats.

«During» Operation Desert Storm «attack aircraft A-10 military killed 4,000 ton and artillery. In operation «Enduring Freedom» and «Iraqi Freedom» A-10 performed almost a third of all combat missions, «the letter said. Besides the specific tasks of air support for ground troops storm troopers took part in search and rescue operations, accompanying helicopters.

Since last year gunships equipped with new wings and avionics, all A-10 based on the Davis-Monthan have new wings. These innovations will help keep them in operation at least until the last in 2028. But the Pentagon plans to sequester costs billions of dollars, stormtroopers can advance to go for scrap.

«It’s a shame. I have always opposed such mindless sequestration, call and ask for my colleagues to do everything possible to stop this. Public safety and protection of our military should be paramount, «the letter concluded congressman.

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