Continues judicial assembly flow in Brest

Initially Tribunal returned protocol on completion of the offense to the police department of the Metropolitan District of Brest. Protocol police altered crescent. Later examination transferred in connection with the urgent courts over other activists.
Referee Smirnova decided Only now, after lunch. Youth activist Yuri Bacourt believes that Tribunal over Catherine dishonest:
"She goes to the third part of the same Article 23.34, which was judged by Paul and Andrew Sevyarinets Sharenda. But now Sentencing police were not present. Other words, they knew that one day it will not put."
Human rights activist Vladimir Maley commented so the current Tribunal:
"The arbitrator has already generated that" Your presence at this meeting is the basis for the court decide that you participated in this meeting. " Because it makes its own verdict: reporters — warning others — two or three basic values, and in the third part of 20 basis or administrative detention. "
This is the eleventh conviction judge Smirnova unresolved after presentation on August 19. Together amounted to fourteen protocols. All sentences appealed to higher courts.
Pauline Panasiuc activists and Vitaly Symonik who came on September 26 th Tribunal Andrew Sharenda arrested for disobeying police, were released pending trial.
This decision was made yesterday referee Ruslan Senko. It referred the case to the court of Leninsky district of Brest — at the place of detention of both.
Lady with a camera was handcuffed and thrown in "Bobby", 26.09.2007 • Brest participants with P.Severintsa not willing to go to a tribunal, 7.09.2007 • Brest tribunal sentenced another 2-participants with P.Severintsa, 5.09.2007 • Brest last trials of activists, 3.09.2007

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