Criminal case Dmitry Dashkevich was brought to the prosecutor

The criminal case against Dmitry Dashkevich for refusing to testify against their colleagues filed Shklou police. Earlier on offer investigator Soligorsk prosecutors prosecute the Young Shklou colleagues gave a negative answer.
As a result, agreed to conduct business Shklou police. Zmitser Dashkevich did not cooperate with the investigation, considering the illegal acts of policemen. Despite this, the police handed over criminal case in the prosecutor’s office to get approval for the transfer to the court.
Favourite devoid Registered Social Democratic Party "Narodnaya Gromada" Statkevich Zmiter support and also finds a new criminal case in violation of procedural rules:
"This article may not be used, because, according to Article 27 of the Constitution, a citizen Republic of Belarus has the right to renounce to testify against himself. A this case, for which he is being questioned, a common cause against all "Young Front". This criminal case is energized artificially. Involved only in order to intimidate young people, to give a signal that the punishment will be tough, they say, do not go, because you will be punished mercilessly. "

"We need a campaign of solidarity with Dashkevich and, of course, an adequate response to such blackmail and hostage taking samples."

Paul Seviarynets believes that youth activists should start in society solidarity campaign with Dmitry Dashkevich:
"Almost" Young Front "at the moment in the spotlight. Striking the Dashkevich, peel on those fighters are presently, relatively speaking, hold the front line in the struggle against the regime. Because the message of power to us all. How we react to it — is what is called, our business. I think, that we need a campaign of solidarity with Dashkevich with Malady and, of course, an adequate response to such blackmail and hostage taking samples. "
Investigators in different regions of Belarus questioned several of the Young in the criminal proceedings instituted against the KGB "Young Front". Through the courts circa 10-ka activists. First tried Dmitry Dashkevich
Co-Chair of "Malady Front" Dashkevich has been detained since 15 September 2006. While serving his sentence for the prison administration made it 5 penalties for small prison offenses. As a result, under the law, he lacks the ability to be released under an amnesty or parole.
If prosecutors agree with the conclusions of police investigators and refer the matter to a tribunal, Dmitry Dashkevich can add another sentence. Lawyer Dmitry Alexander Galiyev not exclude that serve the sentence his client will in the same prison.
• Dmitry Dashkevich get any new prison sentence, 25.09.2007

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