Dark Mark deputy Adashkevich

According to Chairman of the Group, members PKB Nicholas Petrushenka, group number to one hundred and fifty people, and asks how the current legislation. With the official registration decided not to hurry referring Novopolotsk experience where a similar action was not given turn. Sovereign states Petrushenka living in the village Kohanovo:
"Adashkevich gets this" black mark "very shocked as the sample, just as he voted for the decision abolition of privileges for students, kids and veterans. A local authority took it as a command: "Fetch!" That old grandmother Vasilleva Galina left without heat — from the heating duct cut it here. The stove to make it no longer able to … "
80-year veteran of war and labor, disabled second group Kanyushka sovereign decision abolition of privileges also felt in full. A deputy Adashkevich treated more than once. His house is a 2-kilometer redundant with the side of the heating duct.
"They wrote to him, then the answer is no, — says Ivan Semenovich. — In late May Housing said that generally disconnected from the central boiler. Houses no wrong pipe diameter, insulated bad. Oh, many wrote in Minsk, then replied:" I will answer Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee. "Their main focus — now without benefits, do for yourself gas themselves, at their own expense. How we calculate the head took we are not able to, there are no means!"
About his own desire to collect signatures in public said 43-year-old Sergey Makeev. Here are his motives:

"Adashkevich gets this" black mark "very shocked as the sample, just as he voted for the decision to cancel the benefits."

"In the summer this year near the former sports camp "Field" in the road accident killed outright four girls and boy. A deputy from our neighborhood Adashkevich is not interested in why not stay organized kids. In the same village Kohanovo where I live, more than 3 years is not working Stadium. Because I support the initiative to withdraw Adashkevich of Deputies. Has already put his signature! "
Calling the parliamentary reception sovereign Adashkevich. Secretary states that "the boss on vacation," will only be at the opening session. But after changes tone:
"Something does not lift it up — can later call …"
Subsequent response to the call was predictable:
"I have not got a hold of, but if you suddenly calls, I certainly this question clarify … "
Sovereign Petrushenka convinced that activities of the group able to gather several thousand signatures:
"Adashkevich never reported to the voters. Authority will take it to a factory look, but it does not report. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I believe our people have awakened and realized his power to fool. We bring the case to the end!"

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