Deliveries promising aviation complex tactical aircraft in the Air Force to start trial operation will begin in 2016

Deliveries promising aviation complex tactical aircraft in the Air Force to start trial operation will begin in 2016

Deliveries promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) for trial operation in the Russian Air Force will begin in 2016.
This ARMS-TASS said the president of the United Aircraft Company (UAC) Misha Pogosyan.
«It is planned to complete the first step of municipal joint tests in 2015 and 2016 with the delivery of the aircraft to begin trial operation in the Air Force,» —
said the head of the KLA.


Techno Help

On the Russian T-50 used the whole arsenal of the latest advances in aerodynamics and flight dynamics. This controlled supersonic vozduhopoglotiteli spatial compression stream works fine as a huge angles of attack, and in the huge grazing angles.
And small tselnopovorotnym keels automatic trending for Putnam resistance. And the influx of moving parts of the wing; unique scheme of horizontal tail, recessed into the wing; average spacing engines with vserakursnym nozzles.
All this together with a lot of moving airfoils provides specific management aerodynamic forces in all the coordinates. The combination of rational rassredotachivaniya areas along the length of the aircraft with effective managed vozduhopoglotitelyami T-50 provides the highest supersonic cruising speed, which is estimated, can reach 1.8 M = (M — Mach number is equal to the ratio of the flight to the speed of sound).
117 engine, mounted on a Russian plane, compared with AL-31F has increased to 15 ton thrust with afterburner. It used a new CPV with air flow 123 kg / s, brand new turbine and other components having improved properties.
Air flow through the air inlet 50 limited to a T-value of about 130 kg / s — as follows, with an increase in the diameter of the fan, you can expect to achieve 16 ton thrust on emergency mode. Record thrust even with the engine compartment in a first step with a very large wing area of ​​the T-50 ensures unsurpassed maneuverability.
Fighter with a longish title «Hopefully aviation complex tactical aviation» have successfully graduated from the 10’s test flight. EDO «Sukhoi» began to create small lots of PAK FA in 2013, and in 2016 to bring mass production to full capacity. The estimated price of the car — $ 100 million
Tactical and technical characteristics of aircraft PAK FA / T-50:
Crew: 1 person
Length: 19.4 m
Wingspan: 14 m
Swipe back GO: 10.8 m
Height: 4.8m
Wing Area: 90 m
Weight empty: 17,500 kg normal takeoff weight: 63% Fuel: 26510 kg with 100% fuel: 30610 kg maximum take-off weight: 35,480 kg
Fuel mass: 11100 kg
Motor Type: Turbofan with afterburner and thrust vector control
Model: «AL-41F1» (On the model aircraft and the first batches, the engine of the «second step» has a factory designation «Article 129»)
Limiting speed at altitude: 2125-2600 km / h (2,0-2,45 M)
Most besforsazhnom speed: 1300-2100 km / h (1.1-2.0 M)
Practical range: at cruising speed from 63% fuel: 2700 km with 100% fuel: 4300 km 2 FTB 5500 km besforsazhnom supersonic speed from 63% fuel: 1200 km with 100% fuel: 2000 km
Flight duration: up to 5.8 h
Service ceiling: 20,000 m
Rate of climb: 350 m / s
Takeoff / distance: 350 m
Cannon Armament: 30 mm cannon integrated (upgraded GS-301)
Warload: 1310-10000 kg for air combat, weapons bays: 1620 kg (8 x RVV-SD + 2 x RVV-MD) against ground targets, weapons bays: 4220 kg (8 x CC-500 + 2 x RVV -MD)
Point suspension: Internal: 8 or 10 external 8 or 2

During the preparatory tests confirmed the aerodynamic properties of the aircraft and its control system worked and powerplant. A major result of their «main is to develop, a fundamentally new avionics systems (avionics)», — informed M. Pogosyan.
He noted that the new fighter is different avionics to operate in passive mode in order to meet its radar stealth, while ensuring that all receive topical disk imaging on a combat situation and goals. «The plane is on the step of integration and testing of aircraft weapons — air and ground, which is the main content of a follow-up test,» — said the president of the KLA.
He also added that in the process of bench testing and training, has not appeared «some surprises» and developers have a good convergence of the results with the calculated data.
Production capacity for mass production of a promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA), also known as the fighter of the 5th generation, which will be delivered to the Air Force in 2016, have already been deployed.
This ARMS-TASS said the president of the United Aircraft Company (UAC) M. Pogosyan.


Curriculum Vitae

Press and Information Office Rosteh
Pogosyan Misha Aslanovich
Born April 18, 1956 in Moscow
Doctor of Technical Sciences Academician of Russian Academy (Department of Power Engineering, Mechanics and Control Processes).
1979godu graduated Order of Lenin Capital Aviation Institute. Ordzhonikidze (MAI), qualification — Mechanical Engineer
Work activities
1979 — 1998 — JSC «Sukhoi», engineer, designer, chief designer, chief of brigade, head of department, deputy head designer, chief designer, Deputy General Designer, first deputy general designer
1999 — 2007 — JSC «OKB» dry «, the Director-General
1998 — 2011 — OJSC «Company» Sukhoi «, the Director-General
2007 — 2011 — JSC «UAC», first vice-president
2009 — 2011 — JSC «RAC» MiG «, General Director-General Designer
February, 2011 — JSC «UAC», President
Noble Merit from the Government of the Russian Federation
Notable mention Minpromenergo
Medal of Honour
Laureate of Russian Government
Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation
Medal «In memory of the 850th anniversary of Moscow»
Chairman of the Committee on Aviation and space-rocket industry Engineering Union Federation, member of the Bureau of the Central Council of the Union of Machine Builders of.
He is married, has 2 children.


Komsomolsk-on-Amur aviation plant (KnAAZ)

Deliveries promising aviation complex tactical aircraft in the Air Force to start trial operation will begin in 2016

According to M Pogasyana, Komsomolsk-on-Amur aviation plant (KnAAZ) of «dry», which has already made five prototype aircraft for flight testing, practically formed the desired product line.
«It’s safe to say that the production capacity at KnAAZ for those production aircraft to be delivered to the Air Force in 2016, have already been deployed,» — said Mikhail Pogosyan.
Chapter KLA also informed that as the growth of mass production of aircraft for the PAK FA programmke desired production capacity will be expanded.
«To solve the puzzles (the construction of the PAK FA) provides a range of activities under the Federal motivated applets (FTP)» Development of the military-industrial complex «where the aircraft programm 5th generation is one of the biggest projects in which funds are invested cheap and equity companies, «- said Mikhail Pogosyan.
In this regard, he noted the extension to KnAAZ machining capacity, modernization of electroplating, the creation of capacities for applying special coatings on aircraft.
«In general, for pre-production, we are developing an infrastructure» — summed M. Pogosyan.
UAC President noted the great amount of work that is carried out by the Ministry of Defence to expand testing and polygon base, because subtle complexes of the latest generation of equipment require different polygons, which would make the probability of detecting the respective objectives.
«We will have to confirm the characteristics of stealth own aircraft — said Pogosyan. — Because now we (KLA), the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Industry encompassing programm implemented accordingly. «


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