Detention Ivashkevich Ukhnalev — political order

Favourite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka said authorities sought to discredit the chairman of the committee "Euro march" Ivashkevich and co "Public march" Valeria Ukhnalev.
"There was a political order. Notwithstanding prymityvnasts and poverty this step intimidation and attempted to discredit, we wish to state exactly the Belarusian public opinion and the international community, authorities go step by step in the wrong direction.
In front of them in black and white issue, the candidate: either they respond to European offers concrete steps to return to Belarus freedom, democracy and trust, or they give birth and country, and themselves to a standstill, "- said Vecherko.
In the world know about the detention and Ivashkevicha Ukhnalev
Coordinator of the "Charter 97" Andrei Sannikov remembered the words Ivashkevich that the Russian secret services will try to rip and dialogue, and "European march".
"A case or not, but yesterday a visit to Minsk Gennady Seleznev, and at the same time arrested Ivashkevich that sounded exactly such a scenario. And it reinforces the fact of than readsVictor L ", — said Andrei Sannikov.
According to Andrei Sannikov on detention Ivashkevich Ukhnalev international society has already been reported, and soon expect proper application.
"One of the managers of the BPF party invites for the day of birth of the 1st of the favorites PKB"
Joint favorite civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko sees that came out yesterday, and a positive factor.
"Certainly, the security services are making a huge effort to destroy the united democratic forces. But the fact that your own personalized day of birth one of the control BPF welcomes the 1st of the favorites of the Party of Communists Belarusian — there is a big positive.
This means, coalition that exists not only at the political level, and on a personal level relations between people ", — said Anatoly Lebedko.
"Preparing for the" Euro march "going well"
One of the favorites, "Young Front" Dmitriy Fedoruk draws attention that preventive detention recently mass actions do not occur for the first time, but …
"There is one surprise that Victor was detained for 20 days before the" Euro march. " Previously there was no such scenarios. But it suggests that the preparation for the "Euro march" is quite successful.
And at the moment the authorities can not keep this training and decide to take out one very fundamental element to disrupt the march, which will take place on October 14. "
"Dialogue will have to be made through the prosecutor’s office, the courts and the International Court"
Spokesman Alexander Kozulin, human rights activist Igor Rynkevich, draws attention to the fact that Viktor Ivashkevich was committed to dialogue with the authorities:
"But these events authorities showed that no dialogue impossible. I will say that the dialogue will probably have to be made through the prosecutor’s office, courts, and maybe International Court."
As for current release Ivashkevich the trial, the representatives political parties inclined to think that the government is playing for time in order to isolate the policy before the "European march".
• Protocol sent back for revision, Ivashkevicha released 26.09.2007
• Ivashkevich will be judged for some flyers for the European March, 26.09.2007
• detained organizers "Euro march" Ivashkevich and Ukhnalev, 25.09.2007

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