Dismissed 27 members of the government who during the 2-year time did not get to learn the Belarusian language

"Belarusian source" on this week 1927 report of the Russian Belarus’ Minsk newspaper "Zvezda" writes that 70 percent. Government agencies in the Soviets. Belarus akanchalna zbelarushchany. Dismissed 27 members of the government, which for given them a 2-year time did not get to learn whiteRussian language. Apparently the Bolshevik government not guessed 1st: instead zagadavats Russian trained whiteRussian language, absazhvats better government position Belarusians ".
"Lim" on this week 1957 gives the word poet Alexei Zaritsky, who responded well to launch the first artificial satellite of the Earth:
I, a small satellite large earth for you from heaven say, hard yesterday, Below me the continents of the earth are gone, Oceans Earth flashed place … I used lightning-fall on enemies could kill them greedy pack to the ground, I was born only for peaceful roads, and the highest, have a peaceful vocation.
After exiting the bullpen Pavel Sheremet as expressed in the pages of the newspaper "Name" in 1997"Three main conclusions I did. NO warning from prison; frank recognition simplifies and extends the investigator and not Believe a word police. This — untainted truth, and it should keep in mind, especially Belarusian journalists, as now I know — in this country authorities for there is nothing impossible. And the main covenant bullpen — not Believe, do not fear, do not ask! "

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