Do you recognize the election?

How is the vote

SMS message from Ales from Polotsk"Selects Lukashenko with the vertical, and people only vote."
Man: "At the voting power premature trying to drive as many people: the army, the police and students. Driven to premature voting systems. Stallion understand why it is done. Principal, who is there and how to vote — these voices will be given to candidates from power. Just because already so called democratic elections can not recognize, like it or wish Alexander G. ".
Spades: "These elections again showed all gnilasts Lukashism. Opposition many times met to decide to take part in elections to the" tent. "And the people, the majority of people just disregard the elections. Forced go to premature. Coercion? And where is the responsibility for the fate of the children, the grandchildren of our? People, what are you doing? "
SMS message from Yuras"In Maladziechna urban hospital employees under threat of dismissal forced a premature vote."
Man: "It began a premature vote in Belarus.’s Mayor walks Kopys village, says:" Come and vote early. "Come trustees and they say," Give a passport, we will vote for you. "See, I somehow shameful for such elections."

Daniel from Brest: "This is evidenced and secured in Brest observers and proxies-independent candidates violations prints seals on the ballot boxes for voting early."
Vilk of Shklow: "What 25-30%? In 2004, at the premature vote in one of the villages where I was an observer, driven 60 percent. Chairman kamissi hide this figure, but one with" kamisiyantav "little drunk and blurted out well. And that reality has changed ? The same moral whore work in commissions, it is curious that in the main, a teacher. "
I will not go to the polls

From a letter sent Vladislav Miscavige of Braslava: "Not very much attention to whether giving RL talking-about the so called" elections "? for years it is clear that our elections — without any choice. And how can fluctuate, it is worth to boycott the vote? It gets busy on the nerves. though Mark opposition to running Vyachorka, who initially decided to participate, and later — to remove your candidacy own representatives. However, their senses are in the main after many were not included in the list of candidates.
And yet it seems that in the end the opposition began to listen to the words of the boycott Pozniak. Anyone who goes to the polling station — ally regime (whether he knows it or not).
International observers will be able to assist us only when half-empty polling stations will record. Falsification is, as they say, on the surface. Let then the authorities boast that vote came 70 or 80 percent.
In an unpleasant case (if men come) will not help no supervision, because the machine fraud in Belarus debugged elsewhere. "
Nicholas Kanahovich: "Pochetaemye fellow citizens, to appeals to you the average citizen Nicholas Kanahovich. You remember who you voted four years backwards, and what they promised to you? Fool you then, because every later deprived of benefits … Do not go to this a cheap farce so called elections. Indeed hump on your wish to enter into paradise. voting for so called non-party, you vote for your own destruction. Only boycotting, you save your conscience, dignity, respect descendants. Man, Belarusian, If you are really a man , it does not come down to the level of the worm, so trample. Only boycott and boycott again! Long live Belarus! "
Man: "I urge the victims of political repression and abandon other role in the elections to the Belarusian parliament."
Nicholas heifer, Minsk: "To the chagrin bolshennomu in precinct election commissions, where counting the votes, are not included or not included representatives of virtually united democratic forces. Why it is made, it is clear to everyone. Participate in the so called elections makes no sense. Boycott!"
Alexander Lapitsky, Managing public association of victims of political repression in Minsk: "Boycotting the elections will show the world that we protest against public pressure authorities victims of political repression by the authorities against the violation of the law and the Constitution, against the country’s lack of a fair judicial system."
Valentine, Bobruisk: "I for my 59 years, several times took part in presidential and parliamentary elections. This year I will not participate in the elections. And many of my friends, too, will not come on land, because today’s Russian elections, in other words they are not. Deputies has long been favorites. "

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