During the first half of 2007 Mogilev region visited 778 foreign tourists

Over the past 6 months Mogilev visited by tourists from Germany, France and Poland. The best part, but from Russia. According to the employee of the Office of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of the City Council hopes hazel Dnieper region beckons their service and low prices on vacation.
Russians acquire pleasure trips to camps and vacation homes. Specifically designed for them and special tours.
"We have made a new trail links about life last ruler of Russia Nicholas II in Mogilev and show places connected with this way of life," — said "Freedom" Hope hazel.
Meanwhile one of the priority directions of development of the tourism industry to become farm tourism. Here, but little achievements. The entire area there is only one farm that has been practiced in this direction — she Bobruisk District and is named "Isabella".
Their worldview relatively promising tourist routes has control of the informal club of Belarusian history and culture Vasily Avramenko. Club members themselves develop tourist routes, whose popularity in Mogilev and the area is great.
"Judging by those services that can assist tourism operators to our people, then there is a problem. Very much we have not such proposals. In primarily in the east it Mstislav and its surroundings, the last center of the province, he Mogilev Bychaŭ, Škloŭ. And yet there is one route — the places Swedish fame or infamy, I would have said. "
Mogilev, by Vasily Avramenko views, could lure tourists from those countries, which had relationship with our state and specifically with the Mogilev oblast — the Poles, Swedes, Germans, Jews and French.

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