Economic tribunal upheld the claim of the BHC to the government

The Tribunal did not agree with the fact that the Council of Ministers must pay BHC 250 thousand rubles — price of property rights organization that seized the tax inspectorate.
Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Aleh Hulak disappointed by the decision of the judge Catherine Karatkevich:
"In 1-x, the Council of Ministers in general has not been presented at the trial. Brewed this mess He almost made the situation rejection of international agreements — and now does not respond to our requests and demands of the European Commission.
In-2, arguable position of the court as the tribunal did not seek the presence of the representative of the Council of Ministers. A representative of the Ministry of money just did not know the events of the case. "
This is the second decision of the Supreme Economic Court is not in favor of the BHC.
Recall that in December 2005 Court agreed with the tax inspection of the Metropolitan of Minsk that BHC in 2002 had to pay taxes on grants assistance of the European Commission.
But BHC continued to insist that he had been treated illegally and referred to an international agreement regarding foreign aid in the program TACIS.
Government indeed promised that foreign aid grants under this program there will not take taxes. But first, the 2000s changed the order of taxation and more than taxes for the year on foreign aid techno entered.
According to human rights activists, government bureaucrats had taken care to correct the situation. "The government does not accept the laws, but he has the right of legislative initiative" — reminded the court human rights activist Harry Pahanyajla, who believes that the government is idle.
Ministry spokesman Yuri Todryk money in court did not agree that the government did not do anything during the execution of international contracts for technical assistance:
"If the contract about it is, accordingly, I think such measures are taken."
But the emperor did not call Todryk certain measures from the government. Bureaucrat also said that BHC in 2002 had acquired grants to register under the presidential decree number 6, in order to have benefits in taxes.
Harry Pahanyajla it saw that the decree number 6 did not apply to public organizations.
Whether to appeal the judge’s decision BHC Catherine Karatkevich, depends on the motives which lead arbitrator. While they were stunned.
Hulak not preclude new lawsuits against municipalities:
"In fact, the government has shown that it has the rights and responsibilities we have, although the Constitution must on the contrary. "
For more than 2 years work BHC virtually paralyzed because through the organization were arrested, and property was confiscated. On the control of the factory criminal case, which later closed.
The Ministry does not wish to accept money with BHC, 13.09.2007 • BHC does not exclude that the government will want to reconcile, 13.09.2007

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