Elections in regions: Chronicle violations

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Sealing of ballot boxes hidden from observers

First calls were from Brest and Minsk region. Human rights defenders Vladimir Vyalichkin, Sergei Housha, Leonid Markhotko testified that before sealing the ballot boxes in areas left without control.
Says watching the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Viktor Dashkevich of Kopylov
"All the boxes were sealed until 7:30, when neither the 1st observer was not there.
It is also surprising that the other day, before closing the site was one digit of those who voted, and now know that these were 30 people. Therefore sealed ballot box without anybody. "
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Reports the correspondent of "Liberty" in Grodno Sergei Ostrovtsov:
Independent candidate in the Grodno-Zanemanskaya constituency number 49 Sergei Kuzmenok not found themselves in the lists of voters on its own plot, and later collided with other disabilities in areas that are visited during the voting.
Kuzmenok"There was a number of violations. Hitherto hung flyers, posters candidate Antonenko — chairman of the executive committee. And not immediately managed to achieve that this propaganda material was removed. Was an open campaign for him. Exciting thing that one committee chairman called the election not district commission to ask — it is possible or not? After all, he does not know the law. And he called the city council. This is nonsense. "
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Vertikalschikov shakes a day ELECTIONS

Brest human rights activist Yuri Zhydobin, which oversees elections in Drogichin area, said "Freedom" inappropriate Electoral Code by the chairman of the local executive committee Vasily Hvatik. In an interview with a local television station that urged voters to come and vote for the MP Vladimir Zdanovich.
"What I heard, you can invest in two thesis. Allegedly, as we all very well, thanks to my efforts and the efforts of the current MP. Because vote and then for it, and everything will be fine, and even better.
This interview they will be showcasing local television during the Days ".
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"Departure from the box — the usual opportunity for fraud"

Borisov now watching from the public association "For Free Development of Enterprise" (Recorded in Kiev) Alexander Bondarenko prevent fraud voting ballots at a polling station number 29.
The interviewee explains that the Commission early in the morning sent three mobile teams who received whole 305 ballots.
Watching Alexander Bondarenko went for one of the three cars. He knows:
"I went for one of these cars. He rode the 100 meters and braked. Commission of the People came out of it. Ballot box is left unattended and protection. Here this car pulled up another. I ran to the mailbox. Managed to regain her on the plot. But two other vehicles not returned. Unfortunately, we have not many observers … "
Normal 0 Incident which read Yermoshina, in Bobruisk WAS NOT
The most resounding election a day or event in Mogilev was a statement CEC chairman Lydia Yermoshina that observers from the OSCE in Bobruisk on one of those polling stations "knocked the ballot box on the floor and thrashed her legs." On the veracity of the situation — our correspondent Mogilev.
Representatives of the OSCE mission in Bobruisk say the incident, which read Lydia Yermoshina, was not. According to them, they examined the urn for the first 40 ballots on site Bobruisk-Leninsky neighborhood:
"The Chairman of the Commission read with people who have come in English. Atmosphere was completely normal and the incident was not any."
Chairman Bobruisk-Lenin District Commission Nicholas Plaksitsky Affirms that the violations of law in the area was not. Observers says he came to look around the room for voting and ballot box stuffing:
"And not that they came and knocked. They simply removed, turned, looked out there."

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