End quote: 22.09.2007 — 27.09.2007

"What we as guilty before the control of, I do not know," Gazprom "earns here, as they say, great grandmother and profiting at our expense … some monopolists surpassed this greenish light eyes and they did not behold the not counting funds … "Gazprom" is now on the sale of gas to Belarus has the same yield as in Germany. This means the world leading gas trading with Germany. Naturally, the cost per cubic meter for Germany is higher than in Belarus. But we must also take into account the distance considering which of course, that "Gazprom" obviously profit from our country. "
Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — from performing at the festival "Dozhinki 2007" Rechitza
"If you compare the number with Western Europe, while conscious, and if you do not compare, then agree."
Inhabitant — the question of "Liberty" on the collection: "And you razbiraetsesya when they say" so and so many tons of collected "- that’s a lot or not enough?"
"Intrigued come and go. To be very honest, it’s something that occasionally flares up and then fades away. One of the most exciting developments was the question of what is currently the goal — to democratize Belarus or to put pressure on Russia. And when there are 1 -s signs that between Lukashenko and Putin can be split in oil and gas matters, some are beginning to state that if he resists the Kremlin, then we should refrain from certain other parts. "
Nicholas Gvozdeff employee South American analytical "Nixon Center" of the relation-Zluchynyh States to Belarus
"Lukashenko — everyday Teran, who wishes to maintain its position and sees the world around him has changed and become more complex. And to preserve their power, or part of it, or give it to the offspring, he must realize that the European direction of development profitable to him than Designator coup inspired by the FSB. Indeed, in the unlikely event he has no chance, he threatens polonium. Before him the choice between democratization and polonium. And we say to him: "Alexander G., you are, for sure, did not give a written order to destroy people. Certainly, throughout the guilty, for example, and Paulichenka Shejman. So decide this question, and all of your stays with you. "
Viktor Ivashkevich, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front — the transfer of "Examination of Freedom" about the ability of dialogue between government and opposition
"This is a sample of small provocations is not completely clear purpose. It seems to me that they do not know why they do it. Arrested for flyers? .. So, forgive me, the output of BPF and take away Ivashkevicha Sadi for the company … for some reason, do some street ambush. The authorities some frivolous item — no dialogue, no reprisals, and horrible. "
Viktor Ivashkevich, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front — about his detention pending trial
"But these events authorities showed that no dialogue impossible. I will say that the dialogue will probably have to be made through the prosecutor’s office, courts, and maybe International Court."
Igor Rinkevich, spokesman Alexander Kozulin, human rights — the ability of government-opposition dialogue in the light of detention Ivashkevich
"The EU would be worth 12 supplement criterion 13th: Victor Lukashenko invited to Cambridge Institute, that he received a European education."
Yuri Khadika, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front — the transfer of the "Prague accent"
"The sad conclusion — that there is no improvement. This is because of many factors, among which the growth impact of the Russian Federation and the reduction of political will to reform. There is a definite pattern — where a greater impact of the European Union, we litsezreem improvement. Where Russian exposure increases, the situation corruption is compounded. "
Miklos Marschall, regional director of international organization "Transparency International" for Europe and Central Asia — the dynamics of corruption in post-Soviet countries.
"But if we do not have power, we think:" Yes, corruption — it’s very bad. "How do we Darwen to power, immediately calculate:" And maybe I here what side of something nibudt break off. "And they themselves become corrupt" .
Minsk dweller — in response to the question, "Freedom", "Maybe if overcome corruption?"
"What about the price increase. On Rakovsky fair watch as people of all ages not only acquire and learn more prices. Sausages many different products. Prices bolshennymi written characters, not to ask. Prices resemble telephone numbers."
Larissa from Minsk, in a letter to the "Freedom"

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