EU countries supported the European March

Viktor Ivashkevich during a press conference, told reporters that despite the arrest of informational materials (newspapers, leaflets, stickers calling to participate in the "European march"), people know about the campaign, which will be held on October 14 in Minsk.
"How many people will come? As much as people in Minsk considers themselves as Europeans. At the moment of every citizen depends — will go Belarus European method, or we will be people in the swamp. Released 100 thousand — train go the direction of Belarus. Come one tyscha — only one percent have on Belarus will the European method.
So, everyone — this is a bit of interest, which will affect the situation. Nothing to justify laziness and lack of initiative by the fact that the opposition is not such slogans are not the ones that do not route …
You’re a European? Come out, show your position. And if you sit at home, means — a slave. "
Organizing committee members expressed support for the international community shares. Vintsuk Vyachorka said at a press conference that the action plan to come representatives of the European institutions.
"Euro MPs Parliament, national parliaments adjacent us EU states. Invited speaker of the European Parliament, Hans-Gert Poettering, European Commission representatives, we invite speakers to Belarus from different assemblies, rapporteur on Belarus Andrea Rigoni. He decided come to Belarus, but he will come after the "European March" — 16-17th. Also invited to OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President Goran Lennmarker. "
People gathered on October Square, and from there pass to the side column of the State Library.
Organizers do not exclude that the municipal media play on the theme of the route "Euro march." Namely, the SWAT commander Yuri Podobed Minsk police said:
"European march" cook. The route: October Square — so what? Central Library. Metro station "Vostok". In other words, a march from the town center to the east in the direction of Moscow. At least this thoughts. If west to Europe go, why go to the same side of the Russian Federation? "
Says Anatoly Lebedko
"As for any promotional videos is if there will be any new series or TV series, do not think it will be a problem. Place which will meet people for us very principle. All principal activity has occurred specifically on October Square.
As for the movement, the very prospect is better suited for large numbers of people. Wherever we go — Scorina monument. I do not think that this can make speculation. Well, except to mention that he had read about Alexander G. ethat peoplee ".
Last day when Minsk city authorities may give permission for the "Euro march" — an evening of October 8.
For the fact that at the stops were not flyers responsible wipers, 3.10.2007
EU proud "European march", 27.09.2007

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